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DVB IP-Cores
Digital Radio Frequency Modulation
MPEG Audio Layer II Decoder
IP-Streamer IP-Core
RTP Receiver IP-Core
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DVB OEM Modules

Your hardware, run by our software: Using our Intellectual Property Cores gives you the possibility to concentrate on your core competences, building on our well-engineered FPGA designs.

Licencing an IP-Core saves your product's development time significantly and opens up new application possibilities for your already existing hardware.

The maintech IP-Cores can be implemented fast and flexibly, as we take care of great adaptability and configurability. maintech supports you in the adaptation and the hardware design, too.

There are different configuration possibilities to suit your needs: We offer all varations from a finished binary image to a netlist licence up to the complete source code with maximum reconfigurability. Platforms are Altera, Xilinx or Lattice.

DVB IP-Cores

maintech offers IP Cores for the modulation of DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C. Also available is the second generation DVB-T2, DVB-S2 and DVB-C2.

For a completely digital data processing: 16ch QAM & DUC IP-Core for Digital Upvonversion.

Leaflet QAM DUC IP-Core.pdf

Leaflet DVB-S2 IP-Core.pdf

Leaflet DVB-T2 IP-Core.pdf

Leaflet DVB-C2 IP-Core.pdf

Leaflet DVB-T IP-Core.pdf

Leaflet DVB-C IP-Core.pdf

Digital FM Modulation

With our IP Core for FM Modulation, several FM carriers can be modulated (including RDS). Beginning with the incoming PCM datastream, the complete datapath works digitally - for a excellent audio quality, superior to analogue modulation.

Leaflet FM IP-Core.pdf

MPEG Audio Layer II Decoder

maintech's MPEG Audio Layer II Decoder IP-Core enables decoding of digital satellite radio services. The incoming MPEG2 transport stream is converted to a PCM datastream. Stereo is supported, as well as RDS bitstream.

Leaflet FM-IP-Core.pdf

IP-Streamer IP-Core

The IP-TV IP-Core features an IP streamer that distributes TV and radio signals over an IP network. Receivable by computer or by an IP-enabled set-top box. Single wiring, efficient bandwidth utilisation.

Leaflet IP-Streamer IP-Core.pdf

RTP Receiver IP-Core

maintech's RTP Transport Stream Receiver IP-Core converts a RTP transport stream, transmitted according to RFC3550, to a 8-bit parallel  interface (analogue to DVB-S/-T/-C demodulators).

Leaflet RTP Transport Stream Receiver IP-Core.pdf

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