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Measurement Engineering
GEMAS Analysis Software
Antenna Measurement System
DVB OEM Modules
Measurement Engineering

Frequencies are limited - and have to be used effectively. Apart from development services for the automotive sector, maintech offers several measurement products for R&D in automotive infotainment.
maintech's measurement equipment is divided into signal generation and mobile reception systems.

The MultiFM Modulator generates up to 24 FM stereo multiplexes, including RDS and TMC signals. With only one compact modulator box, you can test the software of mobile radio receivers inexpensively and comfortably. Thanks to a TCP interface, the MultiFM Modulator can be used for R&D as well as for automated series of tests.

maintech's mobile reception measurement boxes are efficient tools for the coverage analysis of digital radio and TV data. They are also used for antenna tests under real life conditions. The robust and standalone boxes do the data collection computer-independently while driving. Afterwards, the analysis software GEMAS allows a varied and complex analysis of the collected data.

MultiFM Modulator

The MultiFM Modulator transmits up to 24 separate stereo multiplexes with RDS and TMC signals. Digital modulation. Output: VHF band (87,6-107,9MHz).

Leaflet MultiFM Modulator.pdf

DVB-T Measurement Box

The mobile DVB-T Box can be used stand-alone without control computer. The Box measures and records signal quality data. Up to 4 DVB-T antennas can be connected; diversity operation is possible in different configurations.

Leaflet AMS DVB-T.pdf

Spectrum Measurement Box

The mobile Spectrum Box with GPS receiver records the measurement data of a connected spectrum analyser. Optional: Connection to an EMC field probe, CAN Bus interface.

Leaflet AMS Spectrum.pdf

GEMAS Analysis Software

GEMAS features the simultaneous representation of several measured variables, a variety of filter functions, automatic report generation, statistical evaluation, CSV import and export and much more.

Antenna Measurement System

The measurement system was designed for the automotive industry to validate and optimise the reception quality of automotive antennas. Data collection and analysis are performed by a powerful software.

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