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DVB OEM Modules

Digital Modulation of Several FM Multiplexes
With RDS and TMC Encoder

Car radios are analogue radios: FM will most probably remain the most important transmission mode for mobile radio reception for a long time. In the meantime, administration and additional services for mobile radio receivers become more and more complex: Channel lists, alternative frequency handover, programme and traffic information are essential parts of the Radio Data System (RDS). The car radio must be able to receive and process this information as well as TMC information most reliably.

To evaluate the RDS and TMC functions' quality, maintech offers the MultiFM-Modulator. The device modulates up to 24 stereo multiplexes and provides best conditions to simulate a mobile operating of the car radio receiver and to test its RDS and TMC software. Automatic frequency changes and channel handovers can be evaluated optimally as well as the handling of TMC information.

Further Information: Leaflet MultiFM-Modulator.pdf


Also available: TMC Encryption According to ISO 147819-6

Also available for maintech's MultiFM Modulator: TMC messages with encryption. Using the relevant keys, you can simulate various TMC services such as TMCpro, TMobilis, Destia Traffic, V-Trafic, ViaMichaelin, iTMC, Trafficmaster and more.

Further Information: Leaflet TMC Encryption.pdf


  • Digital Modulation of up to 24 separate FM stereo multiplexes
  • Efficient solution with one device only
  • Automation interface: TCP remote control
  • RDS encoder with programme information (PS, PTY), traffic information (TP, TA, EON) and more
  • TMC encoder and TMC encryption
  • Optimal solution for testing channel list generation and Alternative Frequency function (AF)
  • Controlled error generation and fault tracing in the RDS data stream (e.g. inserted bit errors, bit errors with correct checksums etc.)

Modulation of Several FM Carriers from PCM Data

  • Stereo MPX Encoder: Standard-conforming FM modulation of up to 24 stereo multiplexes
  • Output: VHF band (87,6-107,9MHz; Japan: 76-90MHz)
  • Modulation of several carriers to signals with arbitrary frequency and attenuation
  • Configuration on PC with a powerful and user-friendly software via RS232 / Ethernet
  • RDS standard IEC-62106:2009

Test Procedure Automation: Remote Control via TCP

For series of tests and automated procedures, the MultiFM Modulator is equipped with an TCP interface for remote control of all functions.

With a simple Telnet program, you can send commands and monitor events. Please ask for our client software for a demonstration of the interface.

Dynamic Event Recording and Playout

Another option is this function for recording and playing out dynamic changes of all configurable parameters.

Thereby, dynamic test cases are not only simulated in a simple way, but also reproducible.

Signal Generation Software

Featuring a variety of settings and modifications, the signal generator is optimally suited for substantial series of tests. Choosen settings and test sequencies can be saved as projects and loaded again at any time.

The signal generator software comprises different settings of the FM channels, audio sources and RDS sources. Value modifications effect the generation of the signal without delay.

The overview window allows quick and comfortable operating. Important settings can be monitored and modified directly. Inconsistent or interfering settings (e.g. too close frequencies) are marked optically.


MultiFM Software Version 4.42: MultiFM-v442-setup.msi (14 MB)
MultiFM Manual: MultiFM_UsersManual_en.pdf(0.8 MB)
MultiFM Examples Version 4: MultiFmExamplesV4.7z (1.5 KB)
MultiFM Remote Client Example Version 3: MultiFMclient-v03-setup.msi (3.7 MB)

Further Information:

Leaflet MultiFM-Modulator.pdf

The main unit with a simple RDS function is available for 9.999,- € net price. Including German VAT, the price is 11.898,81 €.

Kindly note that we sell our products only to commercial consumers with business registration. There will be no delivery to private consumers.

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