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DVB OEM Modules
DVB OEM Modules

We offer DVB hardware modules for the first as well as for the second generation of DVB-T2, -S2 und -C2.

Having developed a DVB-T modulator in 2006 in coooperation with SR-Systems who are experts for layout and a competent and flexible PCB assembly, we can provide a full DVB portfolio today.

Our high-performing and economical components for DVB transmission and reception include modulators for DVB-T/T2, C/C2, S/S2, related receivers, HD encoders and decoders, multiplexers and more.

For many of our DVB solutions we can offer IP-Cores for the FPGA-Design to your disposal: If you are looking for a DVB modulation solution that can be implementend on your already existing hardware systems, our IP-Cores are just the thing you'll need – please ask for a quotation.

Kindly note that we sell intermediate products only to commercial consumers with business registration. There will be no delivery to private consumers.

DVB Modulator MiniMod

The MiniMod ist a small, well-priced and yet universal modulator platform for creating different modulation types, namely DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S and ATSC as well as DVB-T2 and DVB-S2.

Leaflet DVB-Modulator MiniMod.pdf

MiniMod User's Manual.pdf

Datasheet MiniMod4 DVB-C-T-S-S2.pdf

Datasheet MiniMod5 DVB-T-T2.pdf

H.264 Encoder

The HD H.264 Encoder is designed for the transmission of high-resolution picture data, especially for HD-TV applications. Available for consumer (HDMI) or professional (HDSDI) applications. Optional analogue input possibility for OEM applications.

Datasheet HDTV-Encoder.pdf (for HDMI)

Datasheet HD-SDI-Encoder.pdf (for HD-SDI)

2Ch Multiplexer

The 2ch multiplexer MiniMux collects two input signals, multiplexes them and outputs a single transport stream. The MiniMux features several controlling possibilities, PCR correction and bitrate adaption, if necessary.

Datasheet 2Ch MiniMux.pdf

MiniMux User's Manual.pdf

ASI-In Converter

Converts the serial ASI data stream into a parallel transport stream and outputs it over a 34pin header.

Datasheet ASI-In.pdf

ASI-Out Converter

Converts the parallel transport stream into a serial ASI data stream and emits it on two outputs.

Datasheet ASI-Out.pdf

DVB Receiver

For DVB reception, we offer DVB NIMs. They are available for the reception of DVB-C/C2, DVB-T/T2 or DVB-S/S2, with our without ASI-Out option. A DVB-T diversity NIM is available on request.

Datasheet NIM DVB-C-C2-T-T2-S-S2.pdf (MultiNIM)

Datasheet NIM DVB-C-C2-T-T2-S-S2 ASI-OUT.pdf (MultiNIM+ASI)

MultiNIM lite (without DVB-S/S2) is available with or without ASI-OUT-Option, too.


H.264 Decoder

For HDTV applications please use our H.264 Decoder. On request available with HDSDI-OUT option.

Datasheet HDTV-Decoder.pdf

Web Interface

With the Web Interface module, you can control up to 6 devices inside the network. Enables setting all available parameters of the controlled devices.

Datasheet Web Interface.pdf


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