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DVB OEM Modules
DVB OEM Modules

We offer DVB hardware modules for the first as well as for the second generation of DVB-T2, -S2 und -C2.

Having developed a DVB-T modulator in 2006 in coooperation with SR-Systems who are experts for PCB layout, we can provide a full DVB portfolio today.

Our high-performing and economical components for DVB transmission and reception include modulators for DVB-T/T2, C/C2, S/S2, related receivers, HD encoders and decoders, multiplexers and more.

For many of our DVB solutions we can offer IP-Cores for the FPGA-Design to your disposal: If you are looking for a DVB modulation solution that can be implementend on your already existing hardware systems, our IP-Cores are just the thing you'll need – please ask for a quotation.

Kindly note that we sell intermediate products only to commercial consumers with business registration. There will be no delivery to private consumers.

Due to the latest but lasting supply shortages concerning electronic semiconductors, our DVB hardware portfolio is limited at the moment. We are deeply affected by the worldwide semiconductor shortages and can therefore assemble only a few DVB product types in small numbers. If you are interested in specific modules, please contact us for further information.

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