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maintech Flash Tool

The maintech Flash Tool updates SR-Systems' MiniMod, MidiMod, MiniMux and MidiMux with our Firmware Update Files (.mfw).

In addtion to the Flash Tool you need the firmware for your particular hardware.
Please request the firmware files you need from info@maintech.de.

maintech Mux Configurator

The maintech Mux Configurator creates PSI tables and PID filter programs for MiniMux, MidiMux and MidiMod. The program opens and saves Multiplexer Configuration files (.mux) and compiles Multiplexer Binaries (.mbn) for upload to the multiplexer.

Firmware Update without the maintech Flash Tool

The following documents describe the firmware update process using old firmware files (*.mhx) without the maintech Flash Tool:

Firmware Update for IQ-Modulators and 4TS-Mux (not MidiMux)

The following document describes the firmware update procedure for old 2TS-/4TS-Modulators and 4TS-Multiplexers using the DATVFwTool:

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